Students of RISE-AFNNET






Dr Joseph Mwanzia Nguta

Research Topic: Ethnopharmacology and toxicology of antimalarial plants used traditionally in Msambweni, Kenya.

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Dr. Daniel Waweru Gakuya

Research Topic:Evaluation of moringa oleifera  products as an alternative  source of  protein   in poultry production in kenya. Read More




Dr. Catherine Kaluwa Kaingu

Research Topic:Evaluation of anti fertility properties of selected medicinal plants traditionally used in tana river county, kenya. Read 




Dr.Ochwang’i Omosa Dominic

Research Topic: Pharmacophysiological anticancer potential of medicinal plants used in kakamega county, kenya

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Dr.Wambugu Stanley Nderitu

Research Topic:

Evaluation of Pain Alleviating, Anti-inflammatory and Anti-Rheumatoid Properties of Selected medicinal Plants Used in Machakos and Makueni Counties, Kenya Read More





Dr.Johnson Nasimolo

Research Topic: Morphometric evaluation of cellular involvement in neuroinflammation and potential anti-inflammatory properties of erythrina abyssinica Read more




Dr.Irene Thiguku Kamanja

Research Topic: Antimicrobial, toxicological and phytochemical study of clerodendrum myricoides, an important medicinal plant used in samburu, kenya.

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 Karambu E. Muriithi

Research Topic:

Ethno-medicinal uses and phytochemical analysis of C. Articulatus Read more




 Joseph Kisivo Musau

Research Topic:

Development of a biopesticide and a mosquito repellent based on selected plants  in kenya Read More



Dr James Menni Kuria

Research Topic:A Study of the Wound Healing Potential and other Bioactivity of Aqueous and Organic Extracts of Aspilia plurisetra Schweinf. (Asteraceae). Read more




Dr. Ronald Okindo Onzago

Research Topic:

To determine the efficacy, phytochemistry and evaluate the safety of a medicinal plant (vernonia hymenolepis) used in kenya for oral health.

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Dr.Zachary Muthii Rukenya

Research Topic: Phytochemistry, antimicrobial activity and toxicity of 

aloe turkanensis

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Clare Njoki Kimani

Research Topic:

Natural antidiabetics from Machakos County, Kenya

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News and events

  • Rise Afnnet Conference on 15th - 18th June 2016 at Mash park Hotel Nairobi
  • RISE Competitive Fund for Graduates : Phase II
    Call for Concept proposals for the new Competitive Fund for RISE PhD Graduates. Deadline for Application is 17th December ,2015.
  • 15th October 2015.

  • Dr. Joseph Nguta uncovers antituberculosis plants, he talks about his research  into the antituberculosis properties of varous plants traditionally used in Ghana.Read More ....

  • Carnegie Fund for Conference Attendance (CFCA) Partners,

  • Call for Application

    2nd call for applications to the Carnegie Fund for Conference Attendance (CFCA).  Applications with a deadline to submit materials to IIE by October 30, 2015We have an updated FAQ sheet, application form, recommendation forms (I & II), and budget form (SEE LATEST NEWS); 

  • Dr. Irene Kamanja graduated on 29th August 2014 with PhD in Pharmocology and Toxicology  and Dr. Ronald O.Onzago and Dr. Zachary M. Rukenya Graduated on the same day with Msc in Natural Products and Bioprospecting.
  • Dr. Ronald O.Onzago and Dr. Zachary M. Rukenya  attended 48th Annual Scientific Conference on 23rd to 26th April 2014 at Boma Inn Hotel , Eldoret. The them of the conference is "Improving Veterinary Governance and Service Delivery in a Devolved system for Sustainable Development".
  • Andrea Johnson, Program officer on higher Education in Africa at Carnegie Foundation of New York visited UON node on 2nd April 2014 and held a three hour session with the RISEAFNNET students
  • Dr.Zachary  Rukenya Rise Afnnet fellow presented his paper on 'Current challanges and approaches to managment of antimicrobial drug resistance  at scientific veterinary symposium at Kampala Uganda on 13th December 2013.Read More.....
  • Dr.Johnson Nasimolo & Ms. Clare Njoki Rise Afnnet Fellows graduate in a colour ceremony at University of Nairobi on 6th December 2013.
  • Dr.Catherine Kaluwa, Dr. Dominic Ochwangi, Dr. James Kuria and Ms. Karambu Muriithi  attended the15th Symposium of the Natural Products Chemistry Research Network for Eastern and Central Africa (NAPRECA) from 3rd  -10th December, 2013  at Khartom Sudan.
  • RISE Annual Meeting was held in  Aloe Ridge Hotel Johannesburg, South Africa October 25-26, 2013.
  • Dr.Johnson Nasimolo attended the 1st OHCEA One Health Conference  on 23rd -26th September 2013, held in Hilton Hotel in Addis Ababa,Ethiopia. Read More
  • Dr.Catherine Kaluwa and Dr.Johnson Nasimolo attended the 19th International Scientific Conference  on Basic and Clinical Research for inproved Health on 11th-13th 2013 in Southern Sun,Mayfair,Nairobi,Kenya.

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  • Ms.Karambu Mureithi, a Rise Afnnet Fellow graduates with MSc. from University of Nairobi.

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  • Ms. Karambu Muriithi, RISE-AFNNET fellow presented her research paper at Indigenous Plant Forum 2013 Conference

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  • RISE AFNNET PostDoc Fellow, Dr. Joseph Nguta attends the 2nd International Conference on Pathogens at the Human-Animal Interphase, Brazil

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  • Dr. Johnson Nasimolo, RISE-AFNNET fellow at the 11th SONA International Conference  in Rabat Morocco.

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  • Dr Zachary Rukenya and Dr Ronald Okindo, RISE-AFNNET fellows attended and presented papers

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  • The RISE AFNNET Workshop Nairobi Node was successfully held at KCB Karen on 26th and 27th October 2012.

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